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The Minimum Cost For A Small Business Start-Up

Starting a business today might look difficult to some people, but in this technology age it is very easy and simple. Let’s take a look at some ways we can start up a business with little cost.

1. Calculate The Market Value Of Your Business

This simply means, you should carry out a research of how much you need to start that business and all the cost of equipment to use, make sure it tallies with the fund you have.

2. Take Your Business Online

To reduce cost of rent, you can start your business online, assuming you sell chicks; you can create a WhatsApp broadcast and automatically inform all your contacts about your business. Create your business website and profile it. Nearly everyone is online today so it’s important you take your business to them. Customers access and search the Internet for services and sellers through searches. Suppliers and banks look at your website for credibility and presence.

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Social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn has millions of users, you can create a business page and advertise at low cost and promote your business. Social media marketing can help generate a buzz for your business at a cheaper cost. It’s a good method if you have a small budget. You can then try other methods when the business starts to generate sales.

3. Print Business Cards

Print your business cards and share to friends and family members, share in church, offices and any other social gatherings. Believe me, you will need them. A paper carryover from the past, they are still widely used and critical to a new business.

4. Rent Low Cost Office If Need Be

As a small business that is growing rent office space that you can afford if you must have a physical presence. Even if 52% of all small businesses are home-based, that does not mean you need to look like you work from your home. Customers looking at an office address can usually tell the difference between a professional address and a home address. Also, if you’re meeting with clients, you’ll project a more professional image if you meet in an office setting versus a home office. For this reason, consider signing up with a low cost office.

5. Meet A Consultant

When starting, its important you meet someone that has gone that lane before for guide, they may know where you can get cheaper supplies or you can learn how they succeed in their business.


The cost of starting a business will dictate success or failure, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into before investing your life savings. Knowing how much money is coming in and going out provides accountability when spending so that you’ll never spend more than budgeted for.’ All in all, it’s important to budget before diving into any business.

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